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Our vision

The Theatre Association basically aims to promote independent theatre groups, both in Vienna and across Europe – not limited to countries of the European Union. The existing cooperation with the sister association in London, United Kingdom, is to be strengthened with a location in Vienna. The format focuses on the theatre culture of the Fringe and promotes in particular the genre of Devised Theatre. The multilingualism of the theatre-makers plays a special role.

What we stand for

What is special about Vienna is the youth work. The promotion and enthusiasm of young people for theatre and teaching the practice of a “devised theatre” through artistic workshops led by club members and friends are long-term goals.

Like-minded people should take this pilot project as an example and become members in order to set up further locations in Europe.

Our team

Andrija Repec

Andrija Repec

Chairman and Artistic Director / Vienna

Petra Freimund​

Petra Freimund​

Cofounder and Director / London

Gundula Windtner


Nikola Wiesinger